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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trial Update Day Six

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Champommier Trial Update- Day Six

United States continues with its case-in-chief calling IRS Agent who was at the scene when Champommier was killed by DEA Agent as a constituent part of the "multi-jurisdictional task force". IRS Agent testified as to her position when the shooting began. IRS Agent testified that she had been on the side of Champommier's car opposite the shooter and in the general direction that the initial shots were fired by DEA Agent (i.e., generally, Champommier's 1 to 5 o'clock position). Plaintiffs' attorneys question IRS Agent as to her initial deposition, which appeared to contain inconsistencies as to whether she indicated Champommier's car had stopped. IRS Agent clarified that she meant to say Champommier's car was traveling at a constant speed.

Sheriff's Detective ("SD"), who was at the scene when Champommier was killed by DEA Agent, is called by the United States. SD, thus far, appears to be the only law enforcement official, other than DEA Agent, to testify to DEA Agent's position at the time Champommier was shot. SD testified that DEA Agent was nearer the group of law enforcement personnel detaining Citizen. This appears to contradict DEA Agent's testimony that he was "8 to 10 feet in front of" Champommier's car when Deputy was allegedly struck by Champommier's car.

It is anticipated that the United States will call an expert witness tomorrow and will subsequently rest their case-in-chief.

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