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Thursday, August 8, 2013

We're almost there

We have a date. Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald has set Wednesday, August 21, 2013 to announce his verdict in the case of Champommier v. United States of America. Here is the statement from Zac's mother, Carol:

The VERDICT is close at hand. The judge has ordered a hearing to give his verdict instead of simply issuing a written ruling in Champommier v. United States of America.
The Court sets the hearing re FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW for 8/21/2013 at 11:00 AM before Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald.
United States District Court on Spring Street in Los Angeles - 16th floor - Courtroom 1600.
The hearing will take approximately 20 minutes. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The waiting is almost over. It seems like it's been forever but we're almost there. Keep the faith.

Directions to the courthouse: 

Approaching Downtown on the Northbound 101 Freeway: Travel north on the 101 Freeway. Exit on Alameda Street and turn left. Go two blocks and turn right on Temple Street. Go two blocks and make a right on Main Street. Courthouse is on your left hand side. 

Approaching Downtown on the Southbound 101 Freeway: Travel south on the 101 Freeway. Exit on Temple Street and turn left. Go four stop lights to Spring Street. The courthouse is located on the northeast corner of Temple and Spring Street. 

Parking: One hour metered parking is available on Temple Street between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There are also parking lots available at the following locations: Spring St. and Arcadia St. (one block from courthouse) Main St. and Arcadia St. (one block from courthouse) Los Angeles Mall Parking Lot - Los Angeles St. and Temple St. (underground parking, enter on Los Angeles St., across the street from courthouse) Main St. and Macy St. (across from Olvera Street, 2 blocks from courthouse)


Anonymous said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that come August 21, Judge Fitzgerald will use the hearing to not only make a finding in favor of the plaintiff, but also that he will make a specific declaration about the obvious conclusion any reasonable person will draw after hearing all of the evidence and testimony --- that one or more of the government witnesses in this trial has committed perjury.
I can only hope that Judge Fitzerald will address the likelyhood that perjury was committed in testimony provided under oath in his courtroom, that he will admonish each and every person who may have committed or encouraged an act of perjury, and that he will use all authority vested in his position to lodge  complaints, make recommendations and issue referrals for the investigation and prosecution of eac and every act of perjury in the the Champommier vs. USA, LAPD, LASD, DEA  et al. trial.

Anonymous said...

Though tragic, I pray for the Police Officers in this case. No one should have to bury their child, but, this child attempted to hurt others because he did not want to be exposed. Mrs. Champommier won't be drinking Mai tais in Maui on the Federal dime.

Anonymous said...

In Reply to comment #2:
your accusation makes no sense. you claim that Zac did not want to be exposed. You claim that in order to avoid exposure Zac deliberately attempted to hit and run over a person. You claim Zac tried doing this in full view of several witnesses using the vehicle registered to his mother and then flee the scene. That sounds like the recipe of someone trying very hard to get big exposure, not of a person trying to minimize the risk of exposure.

Anonymous said...

Praying for the vindication of our Law Enforcement heroes !!!!!

Anonymous said...

To comment #4:
there is a term which closely approximates the ploy attempted in your comment above: "Stolen Valor".
This term refers to individuals who falsely claim to have been awarded a medal(s) in recognition of acts of unique courage/heroism/selflessness during wartime combat.
Many have served our nation in wartime. only a small number of those were recognized for heroism distinguished by a medal. We are still grateful for all those who served.
Domestic law enforcement agencies also recognize distinguished acts of courage/heroism. Very few qualify for this unique recognition.
I haven't heard that any of the lawmen who shot Zac Champommier were also recipients of heroism recognition during their careers.
Please fill me in if there is something I missed.