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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Click here to read the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in its entirety. It is absolutely heartbreaking.


Anonymous said...

Judge Fitzgerald has handed down a ruling that contains everything Zac Champommier could have asked for.
The plaintiff was awarded monetary damages - of $3 million. The judge also gave the plaintiff something much more rare and precious - he gave daylight.

What an elegant and delightful ruling. Justice for Zac didn't need a finding of negligence by the Government.

Justice for Zac needed exactly a finding of No Negligence.

Judge Fitzgerald steamrolled over the 4th wall of the ongoing charade acted out by the Sheriff, the LAPD, the DEA, and starring the Los Angeles District Attorney.

This ruling leaves no legs to stand on as an excuse for not pursuing criminal charges.

However, expect nothing else will happen unless Zac's friends demand their rightful justice. They will need to be courageous and confrontational. This fight is not for the polite. Every official who has a role to play must give their reply - Do you stand with the People, or against the People?

Nobody who blocks the road to Justice for Zac will easily give way, they will need to be lifted up and moved aside or steamrolled out of the way.

They would like you to think its only about Zac - your friend who got killed.

This is bigger than Zac. Rest assured, Sheriff Lee Baca doesn't get on the airwaves just to slander Zac Champommier - an 18 year old band geek just graduated from GHHS.

Baca's deputies gun down some poor kid in the back every month somewhere in L.A. County. How often does Sheriff Baca himself get personally involved? Almost never. maybe one or two other incidents.

Sheriff Baca's cheap shot on the still warm body of a dead kid is the sign of something big he needs to remain hidden from the public's knowledge.

Something scandalous which risks getting exposed through exposing the truth on the shooting of Zac.

Scandal, which if exposed, may lead to the downfall of not only the agents who shot Zac, but may lead to the indictment and downfall of those higher up - those who hold position above all the members of the task force who were present to witness the execution of Zac Champommier.

Anonymous said...

The case is being appealed. I wish the best of luck to Law Enforcement in this matter. I'm sorry Ms Chammpomier, no piƱa coladas of the Governemnt dime just yet.

Anonymous said...

lol they can appeal the case ... doesn't change the evidence nor the facts of the case (which koo koo above has some serious denial-of-the-facts issues or is just your erryday variety troll.)

I read something, I think it might have even been here at this blog... it stuck with me and it was almost like a promise from our Founding Patriots that they would make sure Zac's family find their justice, which I know our just Lord will make sure happens:

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." --John Adams.

The judge in this case has rendered his verdict based on the FACTS presented. The facts proved Zac Champommier was killed by a grossly incompetent, almost bordering on idiotic and definitely stupid "law enforcement officer" (and believe me, most law enforcement officers I've spoken to about this case agree the killer makes them look bad) Disgracing the profession doesn't earn you brownie points.

Good luck with that whole appeal thing. I hope the tax payers aren't footing the bill for this. What a waste of money it will be.